Chemical Hazardous Handling

Chemical Hazardous Handling


A hazardous material is a material which is capable of producing harmful physical or health effects. Harmful physical effects include fire, sudden release of pressure, explosion, and other violent reactions. Harmful health effects include acute conditions and chronic conditions. Acute conditions develop soon after over-exposure to hazardous materials and include burns, rashes, respiratory distress, convulsions, and possibly even death. Chronic conditions develop after long term exposure to hazardous materials and include cancers, nervous system disorders, and damage to other organ systems.

The skill and information that will be learned about :
•    How to safe and proper storage and handling of Hazardous Materials.
•    How to manage spill and waste handling
•    Absorption, inhalation, and ingestion risks.
•    MSDS and Labelling.
•    Proper procedures.
•    Using protective equipment.
•    Physical and health hazards.
•    Irritants, sensitizers, asphyxiants and carcinogen

Course Content :
•    Basic Rules For Safe Chemical Handling
•    Physical Properties Of Chemicals
•    General Concepts Of Toxicology
•    Chemical Storage Requirements
•    Physical hazards.
•    Flammables/combustibles/explosives/oxidizers.
•    Toxic substances and carcinogens.
•    Acute and chronic health effects.
•    Labels and MSDSs.
•    Basic first aid for injuries caused by chemicals.
•    Emergency Response:
•    Contaminated Employee
•    Clean-Up Of Spills
•    Personal protective equipment (PPE)
•    Do’s and Dont’s of working with hazardous materials
•    Classification of a Hazardous Material
•    Disposal of Hazardous Materials
•    Incompatible Materials

Who should attend?
Anyone interested in improving health and safety and productivity will benefit from attending this program, including:
•    Health and Safety Committee members
•    Managers, supervisors and worker
•    Facility managers
•    Human resources managers
•    Senior managers
•    Others with health and safety responsibilitie

Dr. Abdul Baktiansyah,MKK, SpOK



  • Jakarta, 29 – 30 Maret 2017
  • Jakarta, 17 – 18 Mei 2017
  • Jakarta, 7 – 8 Juni 2017
  • Jakarta, 24 – 25 Agustus 2017
  • Jakarta, 22 – 23 November 2017


  1. Rp. 4.299.000,- Rp. 3.999.000,- (NEW PRICE)
  2. Rp. 3.499.000,- (Pendaftaran & pelunasan 1 minggu sebelum training)
  3. Gratis orang ke 5, untuk pendaftaran 4 orang dari satu perusahaan
  4. Fasilitas Training: Modul Training yang berkualitas (hardcopy dan softcopy), Training Kit, Souvenir, Tempat training yg nyaman di hotel berbintang, Makan Siang, coffee / tea break, Sertifikat, Foto bersama seluruh peserta

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