Internal Quality Control Program in the Laboratory

Internal Quality Control Program in the Laboratory


Globalization drags all business sectors into a very tight competition, resulting in the improvement of  quality  of products and services. Only the ones that have a competent laboratory applying a good and systematic quality control process can survive against this competition. We are eager to share experiences by helping industries, organization, government institution, laboratory and other business sectors understand and implement activities in maintaining the competence & quality of their testing laboratory

After having been trained, all trainees are expected to be able to make sure that the data produced by the laboratory through a systematic process of quality control  are reliable and eliminate any possible mistakes and minimize every error in the process of analysis


  1. General Overview
  2. Initial Laboratory Capability Performance
  3. Quality Control in Sample Management
  4. Quality Control in Laboratory Testing
  5. QC Tools: Calibration and Verification, Intermediate Check and Statistical Quality Control Charts
  6. Reporting Technique
  7. DataQuality Assessment
  8. Relationship among Significant Figures Detection Limit and Measurement Uncertainty
  9. Evaluation and Development of Analytical Methods by Method Validation


  1. Quality Managers in Testing Laboratories
  2. Technical Managers in Testing Laboratories
  3. Heads/Supervisors/Technicians in Testing Laboratories
  4. All who involved in the development of laboratory quality management system

14 hours effectifely (2 days)

Yayan Setiawan, Ir


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REFERENCE : PT.Indonesia Asahan alumunium (Inalum), PT.Dystar colour Indonesia, PT.Jawamanis Rafinasi, ITI, UI, PT.Indah Kiat PULP & Paper, PT.Sucofindo Timika Site, ConocoPhillips, PT. YTL Jatim, PT. Semen Gresik, Puslitbang Ekologi & Status Kesehatan, Dep Kes, Badan Lingkungan hidup Provinsi DIY, PT. Semen Padang, PT. Hyprowira Adhitama, PT. Karenindo Citra Utama, PT. Sriboga Raturaya, Vico Indonesia, Universitas Bangka Belitung, PT. Dankos Farma, PT. Clariant Indonesia dll

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