FAQ Nebosh Course

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) Nebosh Course

A : How do I register this Training ?
Q : Please fill out pre registration training on the website, and we will reply via email or phone with details information together with application form and syllabus attachments

A : What is the language which will be delivered ?
Q : English language

A : Is there a requirements to attend this Training?
Q : This training is recommended for candidates who have an experience in the areas of safety, or please send your CV to Trainer’s review

A : What is percentage of passing grade ?
Q : Between 80 – 90 %

A : How long the results will be announced ?
Q : Results will be announced 10 weeks after the exam and a certificate will be given 18 weeks after the exam

A : Is there any re-examination(Re-sit) for students who do not pass the exam?
Q : There is re-examination (Re-sit) for students whodid not pass and can take on the next schedule that we have.

A : How much it cost to take the re-sit?
Q : USD 200/Unit to re-examination on the day

A : Is there any validity period to the certificate ?
Q :  There is no validity to the certificate

A : How do I process the payment ?
Q : Payment can be made by invoicing (Company Sponsored)
Payment should be settled before the Training or at least DP 50% (Personal Account)

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