Training NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health

Training NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health

Training NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health

Training NEBOSH General Certificate Indonesia

Training NEBOSH: 12 Days Intensive Course

NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health Presented By PT. Phitagoras Global Duta (NEBOSH Accredited Centre No 789) , Indonesia, with supported by KBA Training Centre Pte.Ltd, Singapore

Training NEBOSH overview

This training nebosh has been developed for multinational organisations in all sectors working in accordance with international standards or directives but adapting to local needs. The Training NEBOSH provides organisations with a global presence seeking to adopt an internationally recognised health and safety training programme for its staff. The Certificate is an internationally recognised qualification and provides an excellent underpinning knowledge of safety & health and a sound basis for evaluating hazards and risks. The syllabus incorporates International, technical and other standards where they exist. In other cases, requirements and practices that represent ‘good practice’ are followed.

Topics covered during the training nebosh are broken into sixteen elements;


The contents of the course are covered in two units (NEW Syllabus) and their applications are practiced and tested in the third unit :-

UNIT IGC 1: Management of International Health & Safety

  • Foundations in Health and Safety
  • Health and Safety Management Systems 1 – Plan
  • Health and Safety Management Systems 2 – Do
  • Health and Safety Management Systems 3 – Check
  • Health and Safety Management Systems 4 – Act

UNIT GC 2: Control of International Workplace Risks

  • Workplace hazards and risk control
  • Transport hazards and risk control
  • Musculoskeletal hazards and risk control
  • Work equipment hazards and risk control
  • Electrical safety
  • Fire safety
  • Chemical and biological health hazards and risk control
  • Physical and psychological health hazards and risk control

UNIT GC3: International Health & Safety Practical Application

The completion of a health & safety assessment of a workplace and a report to management will be carried out at the candidate’s workplace within 14 days of course completion.

The NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) follows the same principles as the National General Certificate (UK) – achieving high standards of health and safety – regardless of any local legal requirements.

Examinations are held on the last day of the course or for e-learners/distance learners four times per year at any British Council or participating university/Centre each year.

Benefits for Companies in attending Training NEBOSH:

In today’s working environment ‘Safety’ plays a key role in the success of any company. The NEBOSH International General Certificate provides a means to improve the safety awareness of company employees, particularly those involved with operations or directly related to safety. The full time training NEBOSH offered by Phitagoras allows for personnel to be able to dedicate their time to the syllabus and course information and is suited for full time company employees or individuals.

Who Should Attend this training NEBOSH ?

The Training NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Safety & Health is for personnel with health & safety responsibilities e.g. managers, supervisors, safety officers, non-safety specialists etc & who need a grounding & recognised qualification in occupational safety & health. It is also beneficial for those wanting to further their career in the HSE field or those who wish to enhance their HSE knowledge

Training NEBOSH Assessment and Certification Candidates are assessed by a 2 part written examination and a practical health & safety assessment of a work place situation. Each exam is 2 hours in duration. Candidates must achieve a minimum pass standard in all the examinations and assessment to be awarded the NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Safety & Health. Certification is issued by NEBOSH UK.

For the IGC courses you need to inform the candidate that
“it is a level 6 qualification on the Scottish Framework scale which is similar to a HNC and that we strongly recommend that candidates have the HSW (equivalent) before attending or practical safety work experience. This course is intensive over 5 days and will require candidate to undertake pre-learning and evening homework”

Professional Body Memberships

Holders of the NEBOSH International General Certificate are eligible for membership of the following professional bodies, subject to meeting the necessary post-qualification experience requirements: Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. – Tech IOSH and International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM). – Associate Member


It is recommended that candidates have a level 2 qualification and/or practical safety experience.

The course has two Units IGC 1 and IGC 2 studied over 10 days – Monday to Friday. The two written examinations will be held on the last Saturday.

The IGC 3 practical examination will be completed by candidates within 14 days of their examination on their work premises.

Investment for Training NEBOSH : 

USD $2775.00 (Course Fees) + USD $0.00 (Registration Fees) + USD $315.00 (Exam Fees) = USD $ 3090.00 

We now accept credit cards

The Training NEBOSH Fee Includes:

Jacket, Bag, Block Note, Flashdisk, Lunch, 2 x Coffee and snacks each day, 11-Days Tutorials, 1 Day Examination, Study Book for the NEBOSH National General Certificate Essential Health & Safety Guide, Course Workbook and NEBOSH Practical Asessment

The training NEBOSH Fee Excludes: Hotel accommodation

The Training NEBOSH IGC schedule 2018:

  1. Jakarta, 19 – 3 February 2018
  2. Jakarta, 16 – 28 April 2018
  3. Surabaya, 9 – 21 July 2018
  4. Jakarta, 1 – 13 October 2018
  5. Surabaya, 3 – 15 December 2018

Important Files to Read

NEBOSH Malpractice Policy

NEBOSH reasonable adjustment policy

(The Training NEBOSH will be consist of 10 Days Training + 1 Day Examination)

Trainer NEBOSH International General Certificates in Occupational Safety and Health, click here: Trainer NEBOSH

Silahkan klik link ini atau link Frequently Ask Question untuk mengetahui pertanyaan – pertanyaan yang sering dilontarkan seputar Training yang kami selenggarakan.

Testimonial of the participants of Training NEBOSH:

Click here to see other testimonials

“Phitagoras provides quality and friendly staffs to assist participants in making this training nebosh an enjoyable and worthy experiences. Instructors are helpful and enthusiast to make sure all students understand module & can do the test well, first class in instruction and first class in services. Well done and congratulate phitagoras for another successful event” Suhanto Halim – BP

“Training NEBOSH IGC yang saya ikuti sangat baik dan modul yang ditawarkan Phitagoras sesuai dengan kebutuhan dalam industri yang saya geluti, saya sangat merekomendasikan training – training yang ditawarkan oleh Phitagoras” Hendri Sigalingging – Genting Oil Kasuri Pte.Ltd

“Good provision for the training, deadline is met, all materials to learn is given, good food, good place to study include the equipment for presentation etc. Absolutely I will promote this training to my colleagues. Thanks!” Rendra A – PT. Pertamina EP

Click here to see other testimonials

Thank You for attending Training NEBOSH, wish you all the best

We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to all participants of Training NEBOSH International General Certificate on Occupational Health & Safety in previous Batch.

They are :

Client Training NEBOSH
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Training NEBOSH General Certificate Indonesia
Training NEBOSH General Certificate Indonesia
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Training Nebosh IGC Batch XIII
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Phitagoras sudah disertifikasi ISO 9001:2015 oleh BSI dengan nomor sertifikat FS 669848 dan OHSAS 18001:2007 dengan nomor sertifikat OHS 669850

Logo_certification_iso Sertifikasi OHSAS Phitagoras
Sertifikasi BSI Sertifikat ISO PT. Phitagoras Global Duta

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