Training NEBOSH International Certificate in Construction Health and Safety

Training NEBOSH International Certificate in Construction Health and Safety

Training NEBOSH Construction Certificate Presented By KBA Training Centre Pte.Ltd, Singapore & PT. Phitagoras Global Duta, Indonesia


Work in the construction industry can be a very rewarding profession. The world economy is heavily influenced by construction activities and almost everyone has some involvement in construction work during their lifetime. Nevertheless construction remains a very hazardous industry that accounts for a large number of accidents each year. The Training NEBOSH International Construction Certificate is a specialist professional qualification that allows individuals to gain a good grounding in construction related health and safety and satisfy employers that they are up to the job.


The contents of this Training NEBOSH Construction are covered in THREE units :-

UNIT IGC 1: Management of international health & safety  (5 days)

  1. Foundations in health and safety
  2. Policy
  3. Organising for health and safety
  4. Promoting a positive health & safety culture
  5. Risk assessment
  6. Principles of control
  7. Monitoring review and audit
  8. Incident and accident investigation and reporting

Note: Candidates who have completed “Unit IGC 1” successfully earlier do not need to take this unit again in this Training NEBOSH Construction Certificate (ICC) course.

UNIT ICC 1: Managing and controlling hazards in international construction activities (5 days)

  1. Construction management
  2. Construction activities hazards and control
  3. Movement of people and vehicles – hazards and control
  4. Manual and mechanical handling – hazards and control
  5. Work equipment – hazards and control
  6. Electrical hazards and control
  7. Fire hazards and control
  8. Chemical and biological health hazards and control
  9. Physical and psychological health hazards and control
  10. Working at height – hazards and control
  11. Excavation work and confined spaces – hazards and control
  12. Demolition hazards and control

UNIT ICC 2 : International Construction Health & Safety Practical Application (5 days)

The completion of a health & safety assessment of a workplace and a report to management.

Note: The ICC1 and ICC2 units together comprises over 70 hours of tuition.

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